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High quality aluminium alloy body

HDD Expansion

The 2.5" HDD expansion slot allows you to easily store all your favourite media, and recordings

Multifunctional RCU

Gyro sensor, air mouse, easy scrolling, microphone, and more...

Voice Search

Just press the MIC button on the side of the Remote Control

Air Mouse

Just touch the MOUSE button and use the Gyro to move the mouse, press to click...


Play Android games on your TV using the integrated Gyro

Easy Scrolling

Scroll up/down easily, using the touch sensitive scroll button.

Easy Installation

Advanced Installation

Web Interface

Watch live TV & streams from your Set-Top Box!

Remote Management

Manage your Set-Top Box from anywhere!

Scheduled Recordings

Schedule and manage recording events remotely!

Spark for Mobile

The Android & iOS app allows You to access, and control your Set-Top Box!

A wide variety of protocols allows You to stream media to your TV from almost any mobile device!

Wireless Streaming

Easily stream your photos, music and videos to your Amiko A3 via WiFi

Wireless Streaming

Watch your recordings or live TV directly on your mobile device

Mobile Remote Control

Turn your mobile phone into a full-feature remote control!

Web Browsing

Surf your favourite websites right on your TV

Air Mouse

Just touch the Air Mouse key, and move the remote controller to navigate.

Easy Scrolling

Use the touch sensitive scroll wheel, to easily find the content You're looking for.

Dolby Digital & DTS audio support


Build your own Media Center

Spark App Store

Download and install hand picked softwares and games!


Built in high speed 802.11b/g/n WiFi connection

Powered by:

Android 4.2 Jellybean

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